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Blockchain consensus and case of natural disasters

By: Okan Arabaci

Published: 2018-01-01

Organization: Uppsala Universität

Overview: Blockchain solves a lot of the problems regarding disaster medical response. It reduces the time to involve new actors in the response, enhances confidentiality of records, gives the patient the ownership of his/her data to quickly share it with consent and it can handle the load of requests for medical records. Knowledge about the effects of disasters are known, yet the systems today are not prepared for them. The information is scattered across databases in different physical locations and when they are destroyed, the data is lost. Blockchain also provides more valid information since the ledger can only be updated through the consensus mechanism which consists of a set of rules that must be followed. Additionally, it can serve as a template for sorting out responsibilities afterwards. Information about who treated what patient at what time is logged in the ledger and in the event of malpractice, the source can easily be found.

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