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Blockchain Technology in Healthcare - A Comprehensive Review and Directions for Future Research

By: Seyednima Khezr, Md Moniruzzaman, Abdulsalam Yassine and Rachid Benlamri

Published: 2019-01-01

Organization: MDPI

Tags: blockchain technology; healthcare; data management; supply chain management; internet of medical things

Overview: One of the most important discoveries and creative developments that is playing a vital role in the professional world today is blockchain technology. Blockchain technology moves in the direction of persistent revolution and change. It is a chain of blocks that covers information and maintains trust between individuals no matter how far they are. In the last couple of years, the upsurge in blockchain technology has obliged scholars and specialists to scrutinize new ways to apply blockchain technology with a wide range of domains. The dramatic increase in blockchain technology has provided many new application opportunities, including healthcare applications. This survey provides a comprehensive review of emerging blockchain-based healthcare technologies and related applications. In this inquiry, we call attention to the open research matters in this fast-growing field, explaining them in some details. We also show the potential of blockchain technology in revolutionizing healthcare industry

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