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Building Loyalty programs with StableCoin as a Service SCaas

Published: 2020-01-01

Organization: Bank Frick Quantoz BDO

Overview: Loyalty programs can be a valuable asset in the marketing efforts of both small and large businesses and can significantly increase the lifetime value of customers. However, developing and managing a good loyalty program can be a challenging undertaking. From a design perspective, it is often difficult for businesses to differentiate their loyalty programs from those of similar businesses, while customers feel that loyalty programs are insufficiently personalized. Together, this often leads to limited customer engagement. From the perspective of managing a loyalty program, many businesses or networks of businesses are challenged with the difficulties of bookkeeping related to the administering of loyalty points. Moreover, research has shown that over 50% of distributed loyalty points, with an estimated worth of about $50 billion, are never redeemed. These unclaimed rewards can create large liabilities on the balance sheets of companies operating loyalty programs.

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