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Cryptocurrency and the unbanked-underbanked of the world

By: Casey Buckley, David Alejandro Navarro Gomez, Adam Sperry, Arqam Tariq, Evan Wu, Ayu Yokogoshi, Zichen Zhao, Jeffrey Zheng, Danlan Zhu

Published: 2021-01-01

Organization: Columbia SIPA

Overview: The crypto-asset space is both highly active and highly polarizing. While many market entries have been pursued for a variety of financial applications, the matter of which firm(s) will establish dominance in the global sphere is yet to be determined. Industry players who choose to act now can count on a variety of development to provide various competitive advantages. Ripple’s regulatory troubles in Mexico have created a fleeting opportunity for a new actor to establish dominance in the US-Mexico remittances space. In India, the private sector has an opportunity to demonstrate all the good crypto-assets may do within the economy – soothing key government actors and potentially gaining powerful allies in the process. Lastly, a globally established firm can cut through the array of competition in Indonesia through a combination of organic and inorganic tactics in order to bring the market to the next stage in its crypto-journey.

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