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Institutional Cryptoassets Trading-Looking for the Missing Bits

Published: 2021-01-01

Organization: Aite eTorro

Overview: The cryptoasset market has been on a wild, unpredictable ride over the last five years. Building on the growth of 2016, the market experienced an incredible bull run in 2017 only to collapse during the so-called crypto winter of 2018. The market has been on a long, gradual road to recovery since the collapse, and to a certain degree, the bottoming out of the market in 2018 could be considered the pivotal point when cryptoassets began their march toward institutional legitimacy and a much stronger foundation as a viable asset class. The great bitcoin market rally that started during the second half of 2020 appears to validate this thinking, with the price reaching record highs. The question is no longer if but rather when institutional participation will finally occur.

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