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NFT The Global Legal Impact

Published: 2021-06-01

Organization: Clifford Chance

Tags: nft, tokens, crypto, defi

Overview: The market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), or cryptoassets representing proof of title to a unique digital version of an underlying asset, has soared. In the sports and digital arts sectors, recent NFT issuances have sold out in seconds, netting their creators millions.

Subject to limitations in any relevant jurisdiction, NFTs have the potential to facilitate new revenue streams by establishing new forms of digital property, act as new channels for businesses and digital creators to reach customers, fans, and audiences and/or enable the monetisation of physical assets.

While NFT issuance is growing rapidly globally, the legal and regulatory treatment of NFTs continues to evolve. We have been advising clients on NFTs in various jurisdictions. In this briefing, we share our experience to demystify NFTs and consider some of the key risks, and how the tokens are regulated across some
key financial centres.

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